Anti colic bottles rule the market

It is a great happiness for every woman to become a mum. However, with motherhood, so many new things appear in your life. Moreover, from the first day, you want to protect your baby and do the best you can to give him love and care. You look for the most comfortable infant bed and the most beautiful clothing. You keep to a diet to provide him with all the vitamins and minerals he needs, but even the perfect diet cannot ensure your baby from colic.

It is known that the issue of children’s colic is widely discussed among young mothers’ communities. As soon as a woman notices that her baby has such symptoms: baby’s tummy feels hard or their baby draws the legs to the tummy or worth he cries non-stop without obvious reason she starts worrying and indicating the problem. One must admit that every mom wants the best for her child. He must be healthy and develop, and grow without any problems. Therefore, to achieve such a noble goal it is so important to use anti colic baby bottles in the early childhood. It is convenient when you are bottle-feeding your child, even if it happens every now and then.

I must agree that there are so many different appliances and devices for babies in the market today, but anti colic baby bottles is an amazing and unique thing, which can help any mother to protect her child from instant colic and make this process as less painful as possible. I can say from my own experience there are some companies that bring this product to the market: avent anti colic bottles and tommee tippee colic bottles are very popular these days.

I cannot ignore the fact that baby bottles for colic are easy to use. Firstly, you can clean them in a dishwasher. Secondly, it has a wide neck, so you will not have problems with pouring milk in it. Moreover, it consists of few parts. That is why you do not need to spend much time on figuring out how to put it together. Thirdly, you can easily put anti colic bottle into a sterilizer to make sure that your baby will not get any germs from it.

I know what you think now: What makes baby bottles for colic different from other baby bottles? Well, it has a special one-of-a-kind construction. To be more specific let us see in detail the process when a baby drinks from a bottle. When a nipple gets to a child’s mouth baby starts sucking milk from it swallowing air. The more the baby bottle inclined, the more air gets into a bottle. All this trigger colic process in baby’s tummy. If you use anti colic baby bottles air does not get inside the baby’s mouth, because the venting system of a bottle works in a unique way. It helps to reduce air intake, so no bubbles of air in milk they all go to a bottom of the bottle because of a special tube that is inside of the bottle. As a result, the bottle preserves vitamins in milk.

It would be unfair not to mention that baby bottles for colic have advantages. The nipple is of a breast-like shape and a baby feels it as mummy’s breast. What you can also notice is that the bottle does not leak when a baby puts it in and out of the mouth so no milk running down his chin. In addition to this, anti colic bottles are stylish and have a handy design. It can even become a fashionable accessory for your child.

I know that for some parents it is important to know which material is used for the production of all the things, which are in a close contact with a baby. Well, I should say that polypropylene and silicone are the main materials.

All in all, after so much written I would recommend you using anti colic bottles to protect your baby from painful colic and save precious moments with him.

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