Infant Colic Remedies: What Should Be Done for Returning Smiles and Laughter

Colic may be a terrifying symptom appearing in newborns’ lives. Babies suffer from this problem until the normal bacterial environment appears in their intestines. Here you will know what remedies for colic in newborns life will be the safest and most effective.

Colic baby remedies in case their origins are connected with digestion problems

In this case, you need to speed up the gas discharge and avert intensive gas generation. >As the most effective natural colic remedies for infants, doctors recommend doing special massage and gymnastics. After feeding it is considerable to hold the baby vertically for ten or fifteen minutes. If your baby is on breastfeeding revising your diet may be a good method, however, lately it has been doubted, as the clinical findings have not approved the connection between mother’s diet and composition of milk.

Here is a list of the usual colic babies remedies. During all procedures, it’s important to take the baby in your arms in order to make it relaxed and get rid of fear.

  1. Gratify the tummy around the navel.
  2. Apply a warm palm to the tummy and rock to sleep slightly with the other one.
  3. Clutch the baby to your chest during colic. It will relax your baby and will remove the cramps.
  4. Put a warm napkin on the belly. It has to be folded up and ironed. If it is too hot, put it on the romper suit and when it starts getting cold, put it on the bare tummy. Warm clothes and baths are considered to be good little remedies colic and relaxation factors.
  5. Do some gymnastics: tuck the knees up to the belly for the natural massage of the abdominal cavity. Join right knee with left elbow and vice versa, repeat the procedure for several times.
  6. Rock the baby struck the “tiger in the tree” position. This advice is more suitable for fathers, as they have stronger arms. Bend the elbow and put your baby on its belly first. Its head must lie on your palm. This position is good not only for healing baby’s pains but for carrying him at the usual time.

Infant colic remedies: how to deal with emotional discomfort?

In this case, pediatricians advise trying to reconstruct the conditions of mother’s womb for baby. You should provide your baby with the tactile contact as many times as possible (carry him shoulder high, practice the joint sleep, put the baby to your bare belly (the kangaroo position) and rock him to sleep). For many parents, a so-called white noise has become a good baby colic remedy. This is a special noise defined with monotony and evenness (for example, noise produced by streaming water, waterfall or some electric devices). You can turn on the audio with such noises or bring your baby to their natural source. By the way, pediatricians recommend taking walks with your baby. They give the placatory effect and can strengthen baby’s immunity.

Strain connected remedies for colic

It is a proven fact that during the emotional disorders and stresses experienced by mothers (as an example, the postnatal depression) the chemical composition of the milk may be changed upon the influence of hormones. It is acceptable that colic may be caused by these hormones. For avoiding this problem the mother should stabilize her emotional state, ask for professional’s help or attend support groups.

Medication and alternative infant colic remedies

Unfortunately, there are no medications invented to be simultaneously effective against colic and safe for babies. There is no clear evidence supporting simethicone or dicyclomine. So-called “gripe water”, which has been considered to be a colic remedy in the past, can be risky, especially in connection with alcohol and sugar. As a rule, the most effective and safe medication, that is available for colic treatment, is usually based on herbs. Fennel, anise, and dill may reveal the pain and facilitate the gas discharge, improve the digestion and appetite. For example, you may find a special fennel tea for babies in a drug store. However, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before using any medication for colic treatment.

Preventive remedies for babies with colic

There is the most effective way to prevent infant colic. The mother should start watching her diet during pregnancy. Healthy nutrition and proper intestine bacterial population directly affect the baby’s health. So, the lactic acid bacillus got with food can reduce the risk of getting colic in the future. Some professionals insist on the fact that for breastfeeding mother it is forbidden to eat food that promotes gas generation: cheese, cabbages, grapes, pepper, cucumbers, onion, cottage cheese etc. Infant gymnastics is not only a colic baby remedy but also for preventing this problem. Regular massages and developmental exercises will have a positive effect on baby’s health. The proper feeding technique helps to save your baby from colic greatly. He should not be overfed. The artificial feeding should be considered: consult a doctor for choosing the proper mixture, choose the proper bottle and watch out for the excessive air. The breastfed baby has to suck milk properly, holding the nipple and the part of the areola.

Colic is known as a normal part of infant’s life. It does not mean you should totally disregard them, but do not treat them too seriously. However, if you notice that colic is not the only symptom of baby’s bad mood and every colic remedy for babies described above cannot help, it is reasonable to visit a doctor.

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