Traditional Medicine for Colic: Reviews and Recommendations

When the conversation turns to colic treatment, most of the below kinds of medicine are given to infants based on the assumption that colic is a disorder caused by internal gas or cramps and some medications are given only for the sedative effect. The understanding of the essence of colic is important. As a rule, “infant colic” is a way of behavior, but not a health disorder. The reasons of colic may be numerous, that’s why defining the underlying cause is the first and the most important step of treatment. It will let parents perform appropriate treating actions according to the situation. Mostly every medicine for colic can fit in one or several categories: herbal medicine, sedatives, antacids, antispasmodics, anti-gas medicine, etc.

Anti-gas colic medicine for infants

As a rule, this kind of drugs contains simethicone. The substance influences the gas in stomach formed owing to improper feeding technique. In spite of its relative safety and absence of side effects, there is no evidence proving the guaranteed effectiveness. If colic is caused by lactose intolerance, the so-called lactase drops can be given, but their medical effectiveness has not been proven yet.


Some anti-colic medications contain antihistamine substances. They reduce the number of histamines responsible for an allergic reaction of the body. As for colicky babies, antihistamines may relieve pains and discomfort and improve sleep when colic is a result of allergic reaction to breast milk preparations or natural breast milk. On account of rare, but considerable side effects medications that contain antihistamines may be potentially harmful to infants.

Herbal colics medicine for babies

Such herbs as fennel, dill, peppermint, chamomile, catmint, and caraway have been known for their colic treating peculiarities. Among the features of herbal medicine, the prevailing are the treatment of colic connected with digestion disorders, calming effects, and inflammation removal. Opinions concerning herbal remedies are divided: some professionals believe that such medications can be helpful; others contend that safety of this method is not proven and the yielded results are similar to a placebo effect. Treating babies with herbal remedies is connected with several risks. Large quantities of some herbs can be harmful and with some herbal medicine for colic babies have shown various allergic reactions to natural components.

Antispasmodic colic medicine for babies

When colic is defined as a result of abdominal spasms, this kind of medication is usually prescribed. Studies have shown the relieving effect, but the possible side effects question the utility of antispasmodics at large.

Sedative colic baby medicine

Some medications with strongly pronounced sedative effects have been reported to be a good treatment for colicky infants. The object is achieved by depressing a nervous system of a child. It leads to an abnormal deep sleep and pain reduction. As the practice shows, the damage sedatives can cause to babies is great. The side effects may be too harmful to infant’s body and the origins of colic can stay uncured. Some analgesics are also used for relieving acute colic symptoms. Because of the improper use of sedative medicine for colic baby can suffer from headaches, anorexia, kidney damage, skin rash and fever in most cases. Owing to the potential risks of using these medications more and more professional do not recommend using sedatives for infant treatment at all.

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